Moving Forward for Diversity November 2010 – October 2011

Lithuanian Gay League is implementing the 11-months-project “Moving Forward for Diversity” in the framework of European Voluntary Service since January 2011. One volunteer, Joanna from Poland, works at LGL’s office, actively supporting the implementation of organization’s objectives.

The project is aiming at:

• Development of new means, approaches and methods of work with local LGBT youth community;

• Strengthening and developing the international cooperation and communication;

• Encouraging the active participation of young LGBT persons in organizations activities;

• Facilitating of the learning process for the volunteer to develop practical skills, acquire knowledge, express own ideas.

The activities of our volunteer include:

• Active participation in organization of the Baltic Pride 2011 in Tallinn

• Assisting at the implementation of the ongoing project “Empowering LBT Women” (e.g. running the Empowerment4LBT blog)

• Organization of movie evenings at the LGBT Centre

• Research and data collection

• Maintaining and developing the communication with LGL’s international partners

• Searching for new project ideas

• Help in organizing various events at LGBT Centre etc.

During the project’s implementation the volunteer participated in following conferences:

• ‘From Theory to Practice: Creative Action Towards Social Change’, UNITED for Intercultural Action, Bratislava

• “ENLIGHTENMENT II: Exploring formal education experiences of LGBTQ youth”, IGLYO, Bucharest

• “Diversity Enriches”, Tallinn

• “Loud and Visible: Queering Up the Media”, ANSO, Stockholm

• “Capacity Building – Achieving Outcomes for LGBTQ Youth in Europe”, IGLYO, Amsterdam