“Diversity Park” 2012 08 – 2014 08

Executor: Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Office

Partners: Lithuanian Forum of the Disabled; Lithuanian Gay League

The project was implemented in collaboration with the National Equality and Diversity Forum.

Objective: to provide more information to various target groups in order to reduce discrimination in the labour market.

Activities: radio series promoting tolerance; lectures and discussions in general and higher educational institutions, and for local government representatives in 10 counties; lectures, discussions and work forums for employers, trade unions and NGOs in 10 districts; informational publications for various target groups; blog promoting tolerance; contest for short films promoting tolerance; publicity for the project and its activities.

Duration: August 2012- August 2014

Financing: from the European Social Fund through the Human Resources Development Operational Programme Priority 1 “Quality Employment and Social Inclusion” and the measure “Reduction of Discrimination and Prevention of Social Problems in the Labour Market”