DIVERSITY-CHILDHOOD: Changing social attitudes towards gender diversity in children across Europe 2019 10 – 2021 10

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  • To make a needs assessment in a participative way on needs produced by gender-based violence in childhood, focusing on LGBTI and gender non-conforming children.
  • To map the good practices regarding attention in the intersection between gender, sexuality and childhood in 5 key spheres: school, health, family, public spaces and media.
  • To design working methods and practical tools for professionals and children.
  • To implement innovative actions which allow for the unfolding of new inclusive intervention proposals, as well as evaluating their impact.
  • To promote interagency and multidisciplinary cooperation between public bodies, NGOs and other relevant agencies working with children and gender-based violence.
  • To increase professional, personal, peer groups and proximity environment abilities to favour the well-being of LGBT and gender non-conforming children through training of trainers.
  • To raise awareness on diversity in gender expression as well as gender-based violence in childhood with impact throughout the whole life cycle.


  • Needs assessment and good practices collection
  • Elaboration of innovative work proposals
  • Training and Cooperation between stakeholders
  • Awareness-campaign and dissemination activities

Type and number of persons benefiting:


  • 210 children, especially LGBTI and gender non-conforming children:
  • 1200 professionals trained
  • 100 decision makers
  • 200 international students and professionals in MOOC
  • 18 trainers


  • 3400 readers of the handbook
  • Children and professionals users of the virtual app
  • General public through awareness-campaign
  • Academia sphere through scientific papers
  • EU bodies and public bodies
  • Trainers from equality bodies and childhood agencies

Expected results

  • Awareness raising and prejudice reduction.
  • Improvement of violence protection and support to LGBTI and gender non-conforming children.
  • Risk reduction of violence.
  • Provision of effective tools to stakeholders.
  • Strengthening of the well-being and the fundamental rights of LGBTI and gender non-conforming children.
  • Deeper knowledge on the multiple dimensions of violence against children
  • Increased empowerment of LGBTI and gender non-conforming children victims.
  • Embedding of child safeguarding standards across a wide range of professionals and stakeholders to better protect children in particular from harm, abuse, and violence.

Type and number of deliverables to be produced

  • 550 online surveys
  • 110 in-depth interviews
  • 9 national analysis
  • 1 comparative analysis
  • Collection of 50 good practices
  • 1 handbook for professionals
  • 1 interactive app
  • 2 training module for trainers of professionals and children
  • 55 training for professionals and seminars for stakeholders
  • 14 workshops with children
  • 1 MOOC
  • 1 day final conference
  • 1 position paper

Implemented activities:
All you need to know about LGBT: Α new online app available for youngsters
LGL Representatives Participated in the “DIVERSITY-CHILDHOOD” Conference in Barcelona
LGL Video Urges to Consider the Needs of LGBT Children During COVID-19 Restrictions

European Commission ENThe project is implemented with the financial support of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.