Be Visible and Proud: Empowering LGB and Transgender Community in Lithuania 2017 12 – 2019 12

erasmus_logo2-1024x292LGL is looking for young participants aged between 18 and 30 years old, in order, to match the requirements of the Erasmus+ program. As LGL is a young, diverse and evolving community, the arriving volunteers usually become initiators and participants of the events. The age similarity gives the volunteers and the community a sense of being an equivalent member, which fosters smoother communication, empathy and understanding. It is believed that a sense of belonging to a certain community is an integral part of its development and empowerment, therefore, our experience with previous EVS volunteers provides us with confidence on the things we work and envision. Although the age is fixed, LGL ensures that everyone is equal in the process of applying and the top negotiable criterion is a strong motivation to face the challenges that comes with LGBTs’ advocacy sphere and willingness to be a part of the LGBT* movement in Lithuania.

As with gender balance, LGL usually seeks for it in all its projects. It is worth mentioning, that the equality and gender balance is primarily ensured within organization, which guarantees a professional environment. The integration of gender equality is one of the main priorities of the LGL, that is why inside the association LGL has incorporated and adopted the new statute in March, 2015, regarding the gender balance issue. As with this project, LGL places huge emphasis on the diversity and to be more precise, on different gender identities. Therefore, LGL is satisfied to welcome anyone and especially a transgender, who are willing to contribute to the project and LGBT* community in Lithuania.

The objectives of the activities are:

– building and strengthening LGB and transgender community in Lithuania;

– creating a safe space and non-formal and inclusive environment for LGB and transgender people;

– promoting diversity in LGBT* community;

– providing knowledge and experience in different fields – community building, advocacy, non-formal education, project management, fundraising, communication, dissemination of materials;

– engaging community members in advocacy actions;

– fostering LGBT* community center in LGL`s office

Preliminary list of the expected activities:

– engaging with community members in different initiatives and gatherings;

– planning and implementing different community events on various topics, e.g., workshops, movie evenings, board game nights, etc.;

– studying non-formal educational methods and implementing them in the activities;

– organizing the support groups for transgender people;

– collecting information about transgender people and their situation in Lithuania, collecting personal stories of transgender individuals in pursuance of publishing them in a book/blog;

– working on the transgender section of the LGL webpage, managing LGL’s webpage;

– shadowing communication coordinator in order to write articles and reports from ongoing events;

– working on dissemination of information in different types of social platforms and medias;

– working on the co-operation with foreign transgender organizations and building an international network, working on the collaboration with local NGO’s;

– learning trans advocacy methods regarding the changes of Lithuanian legislative and health care system, shadowing advocacy and human rights coordinator;

– developing new ideas for various projects, implementing projects and working on its applications, fundraising, as well as, shadowing project coordinator;

– helping with recruitment of a new EVS volunteers;

– preparing and coordinating activities for Baltic Pride 2019 in Vilnius;

– working on a personal project;

– other administrative and organizing tasks;

– studying Lithuanian language and practicing it.