Hot air balloons with huge rainbow-coloured flags fly over Vilnius. This is what the viewers of the documentary “Pride from Above” produced by the television giant National Geographic saw. The spectacular images were captured on June 6, 2022 at 5 a.m. There were 8 hours left before the Baltic Pride 2022 march on Gediminas Avenue.

LGL Annual Report for 2022 Now Available Online

The National LGBT rights organization LGL is proud to announce the annual report for 2022. Transparency and independence from any political or financial interests are one of the most important goals for our organization in order to achieve effective inclusion and social integration of local LGBT community. LGL’s annual report for 2022 comprehensively presents organization’s activities,

LGL Executive Director Participated at the CoE Parliamentary Assembly Hearing

On 22 June 2023 Vladimir Simonko, Executive Director at the National LGBT rights organization LGL, participated at Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination joint hearing with the Parliamentary Platform for the rights of LGBTI people in Europe in Strasbourg, France. The Executive Director of LGL gave a presentation on attempts to

LGL Team Participated in the IDAHOT Forum in Reykjavik

On 8-12 May 2023 representatives of the National LGBT rights organization LGL visited Reykjavik (Iceland), where they had a chance to participate in meetings with representatives of the “Samtökin ’78” and attend the international IDAHOT forum. On 9 May LGL representatives attended Samtokin78’s 45th birthday party, where they had the opportunity to meet Iceland’s Minister

First Results on SafeNet‘s continuous monitoring have been published

National LGBT rights organization LGL is implementing a 24 month project SafeNet: Monitoring and Reporting for Safer Online Environments. Joining 21 partners and coordinated by INACH (International Network against Cyber Hate), the project focuses on continuous monitoring and reporting hate speech content to the IT companies and responsible authorities and awareness raising by regular advocacy towards the social media

On 17-24 April 2023 Eglė Kuktoraitė, Communications Manager at the National LGBT rights organization LGL, and Violeta and Lina, volunteers of the LGL emotional support platform for LGBT students, parents and teachers, participated in a practical learning mobility program in Reykjavík (Iceland). LGL representatives were interested in the good practices applied in Iceland in the

LGL Conducted Trainings for Professionals Working with Children

In April 2023 the National LGBT rights organization LGL conducted training for professionals working with children. Child rights specialists from Vilnius and Kaunas and teachers from Radviliškis participated in the training. During the training, the challenges faced by LGBT students, the situation of LGBT students in Lithuania, the legal framework, and ways to prevent bullying

LGL Representative Participated at a Conference on LGBTIQ Equality

On 12 April 2023 Eglė Kuktoraitė, Communication Manager at the National LGBT rights organization LGL, participated at a high level Conference on LGBTIQ Equality in the European Union, hosted in Sweden by the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in cooperation with the European Commission. LGL representative had an opportunity to meet

LGL Organized the First Ever Conference on LGBTI Workplace Inclusion in Lithuania

On 29 March 2023 the National LGBT rights organization LGL organized the first-ever in-person conference in Lithuania specially designated to the topic of LGBTI inclusion in the workplace, “Direction: Employment. Strengthening LGBTQ Workplace Inclusion”. The event explored topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), its recent trends, challenges, and good practices, as well as the

Violeta, a volunteer of LGL’s emotional support platform for LGBT students, their parents and teachers who face bullying due to their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, not only helps LGBT youth experiencing difficulties, but also actively participated in raising support for Ukraine. Violeta talks about volunteering on the emotional support platform of the

LGL Representative Participated at INCLUSIES Conference and Kick-off Meeting

On 26-27 January, 2023 Eglė Kuktoraitė, Communications Manager at the National LGBT rights organization LGL, together with colleagues from the Vytautas Magnus University participated at the conference and kick-off meeting of the project “INCLUsive universities leading to inclusive SocietIES: INCLUSIES”, organized in Brescia (Italy).  INCLUSIES aims at contributing to the incorporation of the notion of

Season’s Greetings from LGL: Thank you for the Success of the Baltic Pride!

2022 was a year of exciting challenges and inspiring victories for the National LGBT rights organization LGL. Thanks to your encouragement and support, LGL was able to take many important steps aimed at improving the LGBT human rights situation in Lithuania. This year, LGL has implemented a number of successful projects. The most notable of