“Promotion of Democracy – Independent information dissemination from the Human Rights perspective” 2018 03 – 2018 10

Promotion of Democracy

Belarusian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian NGOs collaborate with journalists on this project, which aims to counteract aggressive traditional value messaging in the partner countries through the dissemination of counter information from a human rights perspective. Working with Journalists for Tolerance, DOTYK and AucoFULCRUM, LGL leads the Promotion of democracy – independent information dissemination from the Human Rights perspective“ project and carries out research and workshops that aim to:

  • Strengthen democracy and civil society in the partner countries and develop relations with the European Union in the Eastern Partnership countries by disseminating independent information.
  • Prepare and publish independent information on local political, social and economic issues from a human rights perspective.
  • Promote Lithuania’s experience of consolidating democratic processes and integrating into the European Union as relevant for partner countries.
  • Conduct and publish a study on third-countries aggressive information policy targeting the European choice of the Eastern Partnership countries.
  • Set up a network of researchers, experts and public opinion leaders to conduct research and organize events on the subject.

In order to achieve these objectives, partners will work together with experts to create and implement workshops, which equip vulnerable groups with the necessary tools to interact effectively towards aggressive messaging and counteract these narratives through the dissemination of independent information. This includes activities such as:

  • Development of a project Communication Plan and Social Media strategy for a better dissemination of the information.
  • Publication of a series of articles prepared by authors from all participating countries on political, social and economic issues from a human rights perspective.
  • Implement training workshops in all partner countries.
  • Publication of education materials such as guidelines and recommendations.
  • Publication of cross-country study on third-countries aggressive information policy and dissemination of results.
  • International seminar in Vilnius on the scope and impact of aggressive information with participation form Eastern Partnership countries and European Union.

These activities will result in a better informed public with access to alternative information channels and independent information on political, social and economic issues. Taking into account a human rights perspective, NGO representatives and journalists are equipped with analytical skills while the conducted cross-country qualitative study ensures a better understanding of aggressive information manifestation.

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