CHOICE: Promoting School Environments Inclusive of Diversity based on SOGI 2019 07 – 2021 07

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Overall objective

Contribute to the promotion of inclusive schools and the prevention & combating of intolerance on the grounds of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and/or sex characteristics in BG, GR, LT & RO

Specific objective

Enhance the capacities of secondary school professionals to support diversity & creation of inclusive school environments

Facilitate the reporting of incidents of violence & intolerance on the grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), and enable victims & bystanders (and possibly perpetrators) to access support services

Raise awareness of school communtiy & wider public about SOGI related discrimination/bullying/violence in the school environment


  • Needs Assessment: Exploring what LGBTQI & Cis-straight Students & School Professionals Want & Need
  • Creation of Mechanism for Addressing Incidents of GBV & Discrimination or Intolerance in the School Environment
  • Dissemination & Awareness Raising

Persons benefiting from project

  • 250-380 secondary school professionals
  • 1200 secondary school pupils
  • 1200 parents

Expected results

  • Strengthened prevention & tackling of homophobic & transphobic discrimination & bullying and building of inclusive school environments for LGBTQI students
  • Enhanced capacities of school professionals on supporting diversity & gender-friendly school environments
  • Increased reporting of incidents of violence & intolerance on the grounds of SOGI in the school environment and increased access to support services of victims & bystanders (and possibly perpetrators)
  • Increased awareness of children, parents, school professionals & the wider public about the effects of intolerance in the school environment on the grounds of SOGI


4 national surveys; summary & comparative report; guide for diversity policies; common cap. building methodology; curricula for school professionals-sec. level; online modules; 16 train. workshops; 10000 leaflets; 8 infodays; social media; 4 videos; website; final conference

Report the incident:

ES-logo-Teisiu-lygybes-ir-pilietybes-programa-taisytas-EN1-300x88The project is implemented with the financial support of the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.



Implemented activities

LGL Representatives Participated in a Kick-off Meeting for the Project „CHOICE“ in Athens
LGL Launched an Emotional Support Platform for LGBT Students who Face Bullying

CHOICE National Report