Report and human rights seminar on advocacy for lesbian and gay people

By gathering, structuring and widely disseminating information together with the identification of the areas in need of social change and reforms, this project provided a method to start empowering the gay and lesbian community in Lithuania within the context of international cooperation and in the light of the European integration.

Overall goal was to raise awareness of general public, media, civil society NGOs, authorities and gay and lesbian people about the world-wide trend of recognition of lesbian and gay rights as fundamental human rights.

Project sought to:

•To increase the level of information on the social/ethical and legal issues relating to lesbian and gay people in the context of International Human Rights Documents and Principles.

•To facilitate advocacy campaigns for gay and lesbian human rights in Lithuania towards local and central authorities, as well as at international level.

•To identify the necessary changes – areas in need of reform- for improving the life and status of gay and lesbian people in Lithuania.