Mainstreaming equal opportunities in twin cities (Vilnius-Oslo) 06 2021 – 09 2022


The project “Mainstreaming equal opportunities in twin cities (Vilnius-Oslo)” seeks to to mainstream equal opportunities in twin cities (Vilnius-Oslo) and foster diversity at municipal level by involving Vilnius and Oslo municipalities, socially responsible businesses and a human rights NGO. The project aims to foster exchange of best practices between Vilnius and Oslo municipalities on securing equal opportunities in twin cities. The project will encourage the cooperation and increase knowledge and understanding between Norwegian and Lithuanian partners and encourage a positive change in ensuring equal opportunities at municipal level.

The goals of the project will be achieved by implementing the main activities of the project: Study visit in Oslo (Activity No. 1.1.), Coordination meetings (Activity No. 1.2), Study visit in Vilnius (Activity No. 1.3), International conference: Proud Cities Summit (Activity No. 2.1.), Baltic Pride 2022: Pride Voices event in Kaunas, March for Equality and Proud cities concert in Vilnius (Activity No. 2.2.), Promotional activities, campaigns and materials (Activity No. 2.3.).

The planned results of the project will have a direct and lasting impact on the sustainability of the framework of cooperation between partners in Beneficiary State and Donor States in their capacity to mainstream equal opportunities on a municipal level. The consolidation of partnership potential in addressing challenges in achieving equal opportunities in participating countries through sharing knowledge and best practices will have a direct positive impact on equal opportunities in both Vilnius and Oslo.

The project will be implemented by the National LGBT rights organization LGL together with partners Oslo City Municipality, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuanian Diversity Charter. The project implementation period is 1st June 2021 – 31st August 2022.

EEA-and-Norway_grants 2The project is funded by the Fund for Bilateral Relations of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014–2021.