“Rainbow Family Acceptance Action” 7 2021 – 8 2022

The Rainbow Family Acceptance Action is a multi-level program designed to address and raise awareness on a variety Lithuanian LGBTI family rights issues and effectively disseminate a compelling message of openness, diversity and inclusion.

Lithuanian legal and social climate remains highly challenging for LGBTI people in general and for LGBTI families in particular  – due to a lack of any legal recognition and low social acceptance.

The Rainbow Family Acceptance Action addresses acceptance struggles of LGBTI families and is composed in a several corresponding stages:

VISIBILITY. Awareness raising through online Positive Role Model Campaign: 4 professionally-made storytelling videos (5-7 minutes) containing authentic LGBTI family experiences. Disseminated with the support of LGBTI friendly media through the course of the proposed program from July to December, 2021.

SYMBOL. Vilnius Rainbow Crosswalk renewal (repainting) in June – the symbol of equality, photo-shoot and campaign to convey the message of LGBTI allies solidarity and support to LGBTI families on the occasion of Pride Month and Baltic Pride in Vilnius in 2022.

DISCUSSION. Applicant will initiate several LGBTI family rights advocacy meetings will be organized with the decision makers. Overall the The Rainbow Family Acceptance Action will target more than 7000 people of various target groups.