Human Rights activists face tough challenges in Lithuania: parliamentary and media campaign initiatives are blocked; the public is poorly informed about what human rights are, what it means to be LGBT*, and their power to affect social and democratic change. The national LGBT* civil rights organization, the Association LGL, works to tackle these issues and improve the circumstances of all Lithuanians. Although Lithuanian Gay League is not officially backed by any governmental institutions or local organizations, LGL implements many projects and achieves results.

Over the past couple years, LGL hosted national and international conferences; analyzed Lithuanian media, hate crimes, legal documents; organized activities for volunteers and, of course, the entire Baltic Pride 2016. Some of LGL’s work is out in the open, receiving much media attention, while other equally important work goes on only behind the scenes. The latter includes meetings with politicians, writing complaints to the prosecutor’s office, and providing emotional, social, and legal support to LGBT* people in need. In addition to being a strong human rights advocacy organization, LGL has become an LGBT* community centre.

It is of great importance to LGL to reach all people of different sexual orientations and sexual identities, from all regions of Lithuania, and all socio-economic groups. Likewise, it is imperative that LGL communicate with foreign organizations, institutions, politicians, etc. to attract their attention to Lithuanian problems.

Hands are required for all LGL’s activities: our staff size is increasing, many of whom are volunteers. In order to work purposefully and effectively, high motivation and good morale is not enough: stable financing is necessary. Unfortunately, national funding is insufficient, therefore, LGL relies on international support. However, public contributions are equally important. We recognize increasing encouragement from society and every year we collect more and more money through appointed tax returns.

Now we call to attention all those who care for civil rights and human rights. Each and every Euro/Dollar/Crone will help LGL send more letters to politicians, hold more events, prepare better reports, and provide greater support for those who ask for our help.

You can pledge support by transferring money (in Euro) from your Lithuanian or foreign bank account/through PayPal, by bringing it anonymously to our office, or if you are legally working in Lithuania you can appoint 2% of your income taxes to LGL every spring.