“Implementing equality for lesbians and gays Nordic way” 2004 01 – 2004 05

Period: January 2004 – May 2004

Main goal of the project was to raise awareness of general public, media, civil society NGOs, authorities and gay and lesbian people in Lithuania about the equality issues by setting Nordic example.

Project aimed to stimulate debate, disseminate information and policies, challenge the status quo within society, and provide proposals and practical solutions for organisations committed to equality and change by publishing a guide to good practice “Implementing Equality for Lesbians and Gays Nordic Way” in Lithuanian.

By this project the society was better informed about lesbian and gay subjects and the need to promote equality issues through non-legislative, as well as legislative, means. Nordic experience in this area was introduced to general public, NGOs, governmental organizations, public or private providers of social services.

Increased level of information helped the project beneficiaries to identify the necessary changes – areas in need of reform- for improving the life and status of gay and lesbian people in Lithuania.

Capacity of the gay and lesbian community in addressing diversity issues and working to ensure equality in practice was strengthened through active cooperation with the Finnish and Swedish partner NGOs.