Since its establishment in 1993, the national LGBT* rights organization LGL has accumulated a number of publications which form what may be rightfully described as the biggest LGBT*-themed library in Lithuania.

A few decades ago, in an era prior to the internet, the basic means to communicate knowledge was the book. Foreign publications had inspired Lithuanian LGBT* rights activists to declare their rights and fight for their enforcement. Taking over the experience and the best practices from their long-term colleagues and partners in Europe, experts in LGL had issued over 50 publications on specific issues concerning LGBT* people in Lithuania.

A digital catalogue of books, periodicals and foreign publications of LGL library was systemized by member of LGL Board Elena Dapkūnaitė and LGL volunteer Nadežda Petruchina. “It was really fulfilling for me and Nadia to explore the history through the pages of periodicals and to trace patterns and trends that varied over the years. Newspapers and magazines also reflect the history of the Lithuanian LGBT* movement and provide us with insights that might be useful for today‘s activism,“ – observed Elena.

Any addition to our LGBT* and human rights library is thus welcome, and LGL hopes that a systematically maintained library will prove its significance in the near future.