Speak Out: Tackling anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime (2019 01 – 2021 01)

SLR-92523Project “Speak Out: Tackling anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime” aims to build the capacity of law enforcement on countering anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime, while respecting victims’ rights and needs, by building strong networks, promoting best practices and developing a toolkit as a basis for law enforcement trainings. Project activities will also raise awareness on anti-LGBT hate speech and on freedom of expression, empower LGBT communities to develop narratives to counter online hate speech and to encourage and facilitate reporting. The project will also aim to stimulate the application of restorative justice and rehabilitation services in anti-LGBT hate speech and hate crime by sharing knowledge and best practices and by strengthening cooperation with police and justice officers, mediation services, and other stakeholders.


  • Data collection (LGBT survey on hate speech and stakeholder interviews)
  • Development of a toolkit for law enforcement trainers, a handbook on restorative justice and an awareness raising website

Persons benefiting directly:

  • LGBT people and their allies (400.000-500.000)
  • Law enforcement officials, victim support and mediation services, equality bodies, NHRI, Ombuds Offices through interviews (80-100)
  • Key stakeholders attending the conference (60)


  • Law enforcement officials through the use of the toolkit at trainings
  • Mediation services, victim support services, equality bodies and other key stakeholders through the dissemination of the handbook

Expected results

  • Increased awareness of victims of their rights, freedoms and protections
  • Improved policies and strengthened networks for tackling hate crime and hate speach
  • Facilitation of training practices for law enforcement officials
  • Increased knowledge of the application of restorative justice


  • Partnership meetings (2)
  • Reports on conducted interviews (45+36)
  • Toolkit with videos for law enforcement (1)
  • Handbook on restorative justice and rehabilitation (1)
  • Reports on the LGBT survey (9)
  • Awareness raising website (1)
  • European conference

Implemented activities

“Speak Out” Project Kick-off Meeting Held in Vilnius
Handbook on the use of restorative justice and mediation in LGBTI hate crimes: the call for abstracts is out!
2 videos on the law enforcement response to hate crimes have been published