Crossing borders for diversity – from 2013-06-01 to 2014-05.01

Lithuanian Gay League is implementing the 10-months-project “Crossing Borders for Diversity” in the framework of European Voluntary Service since June 2013. Two volunteers, one from Finland and one from Italy, work at LGL’s office, actively supporting the implementation of organization’s objectives.

The project aims are:

  • to develop new means, approaches and methods of work with the local LGBT youth community;
  • to strengthen and develop international cooperation and communication;
  • to encourage active participation of young LGBT persons in the organization’s activities;
  • to facilitate the learning process for the volunteers to develop practical skills, acquire knowledge, express own ideas;
  • to give the possibility for young people from beyond the European Union to meet the values promoted by the European Community   and spread them within  their own countries;
  • to develop creativity of young activistsand give them new skills which they could use in their future life.

Regular youth group’s activities are:

  • to engage in educational activities, e.g. publish materials, build websites, etc.;
  • to support our peers (establish a help line, support groups, coming out groups, etc.);
  • to join different social activities, e.g. sports, movie screenings, discussions, etc.;
  • to learn and have fun together, e.g. camping, participating in various youth activities at home and abroad;
  • to cooperate with other European LGBT youth organizations/groups or networks (LGL youth group is a member of ANSO – Nordic Baltic LGBT Students Organization)

 Our volunteers: Rocco and Maksy

volunteer_roccoName, surname: Rocco Magistro

Country of origin: Italy

About the volunteer: I’ve been always keen about human and social rights, since I was a teenager, being involved in politics in and outside my high school. After the high school, I start to cooperate with some feminist group first and then with the biggest LGBT organisation in Italy, Arcigay. There I mostly worked with young people, being the leader of youth group and meeting about three tousands of students in the schools of my town. I also worked for an independent radio, talking about sexual liberation.
Since this year I’m volunteering with European Voluntary Service for LGL, I mostly help with website, contacting other LGBT organisation in Europe and managing workshops.



volunteer_maksyName, surname: Maksy Mäkivirta

Country of origin: Finland

About the volunteer: I’m an EVS volunteer from Finland, and I’ll be working at LGL until the end of April. I’m also studying for my bachelors in Music and Media Management, and mostly I work with international correspondence with partners etc. and with various types of project and/financial applications. I’m also in charge of LGL’s soon-to-be blog, and as I am a volunteer I’m here for pretty much anything&everything!