“Promoting Human Rights Activism in Lithuania” 2015 01- 2015 10

An overall objective of this project is to combine our knowledge and experience with the fresh ideas of volunteers and to create initiatives in order to develop new tools for encouraging young people to be active and informed citizens of the EU. This project foresees to have two EVS volunteers who, in addition to regular office activities  would be responsible for the community building and assisting on the advocacy work of the LGL staff.

Participants of this project – two young people from Italy and Germany, motivated and passionate about LGBT persons rights are willing to spend 10 months in Lithuania (starting January 2015), where at the LGL office they will carry out their voluntary service. Main activities of the volunteers will be:

• Writing articles and newsletters for the websites of the organization

• Organizing leisure and community building events for LGBT people and their allies, as well as workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences to raise awareness on the LGBT people situation in Lithuania, homophobia, hate crime, etc.

• Helping with the local and international communication, organizing social and awareness raising campaigns

• Managing an LGBT sports group: recruiting people, advertising, fundraising etc.

• Collecting data for various documentation activities and surveys

• Coordinating of activities related to Euro Pride 2015 which will take place in Riga (Latvia) and etc.

In addition to this activity list, both volunteers will be given an opportunity to organize their own special project in the framework of the general objective of the project. Throughout the project volunteers will be supported by the Volunteer Coordinator, a peer group (LGL’s volunteer network), other staff members of LGL (Advocacy, Communication and Fundraising coordinators, Chair of the Board and other board members), and a Mentor, who will also be monitoring their learning process and progress.

As a result, volunteers will gain a practical experience of working in a national LGBT advocacy organization which is very active on international level. Participants will be able to decide for themselves if it is a type of work they are willing to choose as their career. Also, they will gain valuable skills, knowledge and know-hows to be used in their future human rights activism in their own countries. Finally, of course, their participation, ideas and work will benefit Lithuanian LGBT community and serve as an example to encourage local LGBT leaders to be as active.

AdamName: Adam

Position: EVS volunteer

E-Mail: adam@gay.lt

About the volunteer: I graduated with a Bachelors in Law from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 2012. I then moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany to complete a Masters in Law and Finance. During my time in Frankfurt I worked with numerous international law firms. However, outside of the office, I volunteered alongside an LGBT charity so as to open up their support services to English speaking youth. As well as this, I established a successful LGBT and friends networking group. The group, the first of its kind in Frankfurt, was designed to allow any individual to forge new friendships and professional contacts in a welcoming and open-minded environment. Volunteering alongside LGL shall be an invaluable opportunity to work with a multicultural, international team on aiming to effectuate equality and human rights for all. “We came equals into this world, and equals shall we go out of it,” George Mason.

AliceName: Alice

Position: EVS volunteer

E-Mail: alice@gay.lt

About the volunteer: I’m a student graduating in International and Diplomatic Studies. I am originally from Bologna but since my globetrotter nature is that strong, I believe I would fit more under the label of “citizen of the world”. During some travels I had the chance to work for some no profit organizations fighting for human and civil rights. The experience there was so good that it made me understand that human rights was my way. For this reason and as I always been a full supporter of LGBT* rights, I decided to join the LGL struggle in order to raise awareness and promote tolerance and respect.