Change it

keisk-logo-1024x388LGL initiative KEISK (CHANGE IT) invites you to know LGBT persons by looking at the world through their eyes.

It is said that fears spark from ignorance. The Eurobarometer’s survey data show that only 12 % of Lithuanian citizens say that they know at least one gay, lesbian or bisexual person, only 3 % a transgender one. Therefore, it is not surprising that LGBT persons in Lithuania are still facing well-rooted prejudices, stereotypes, and direct or indirect discrimination. Can we be sure that we are tolerant, if we have a limited knowledge about the various social groups we encounter in our daily life?

In order to encourage people to think that there are real people‘s faces and life stories behind these troubling survey results, LGL is implementing the initiative KEISK (CHANGE IT). Soon in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda the social advertising campaign will take its first steps. Its goal is that of highlighting how inaccurate it is to think that something that we do not know or we do not want to know, does not exist. The author of the poster, the young photographer Arcana Femina, feels that, if we look close at people around us, we will not only see all the colors of the rainbow, but we will also be able to see the world through their eyes. If we acknowledge the diversity of society, we will encourage LGBT persons to open up, and after getting to know them, perhaps we will realize that we are not so different after all.

During the display of the billboard campaign, our YouTube channel will show a promotional video clip, made by the LGL team, inviting to confront stereotypes that are well-rooted in society. This digital story doesn’t star professional actors, but real people. The clip forcibly denies short-sighted assumptions and it attempts at representing the most usual questions and doubts that arise from heterosexual people. Although these are likely to arise due to lack of information, LGL campaign KEISK (CHANGE IT) is not aimed at blaming, judging, and pointing fingers, but at encouraging critical thinking, gathering support for LGBT people and generating new creative ideas.

After focusing your attention to the social poster and video and after expressing the message sent by LGL team, we are inviting you to join the initiative KEISK (CHANGE IT) by signing the petition. Show your tolerance, rebel against discrimination of LGBT persons in Lithuania and encourage openness. Do you want to see a real human face? Then leave the acting to the actors and KEISK (CHANGE IT).