“HRC Institutional Development Project”: 2017 09 01 – 2017 12 31

The National LGBT* rights organization LGL, in cooperation with NGOs from the Human Rights Coalition (HRC), is carrying out a project for institutional development of associations uniting non-governmental organizations, which aims to strengthen the activities of the HRC coalition.

Project goals:

  • to develop competences and abilities of HRC coalition organizations members with a view to strategically carrying out public policy advocacy and developing communication;
  • to develop HRC coalition, cooperation between its members, to create a clear self-regulation structure, implement transparency and accountability standards and to raise the public’s awareness about HRC activities;
  • to participate in the formation of human rights principles and Lithuanian public policy that meets international standards and the creation of long term partnerships between governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Project objectives:

  • to organize a training for HRC organizations and their members with a view to developing their ability to strategically carry out public policy advocacy and communication skills;
  • to provide HRC members with information and develop their abilities to provide public services;
  • to develop HRC action strategy that includes advocacy, communication and public services and to ensure HRC transparency;
  • to register HRC with a view to establishing a clear self-regulation structure based on transparency and accountability standards;
  • to perform an independent audit on HRC activities and finances with a view to ensuring coalition’s transparency;
  • to ensure HRC visibility by creating their own website; preparing an action report for 2017; ensuring regular communication about HRC and its member organizations activities; organizing celebrations for the International Human Rights Day;
  • to cooperate with self-governance institutions with a view to developing long term partnerships, aiming to ensure that their planning documents meet international human rights standards;
  • to cooperate with national legislative, executive and judicial authorities with a view to developing long term partnerships, aiming to ensure that their decisions meet international human rights standards;
  • to cooperate with the national institutions responsible for foreign policy, international and regional partners in implementing human rights policies in Lithuanian.

The project will give the opportunity to develop HRC coalition members abilities and skills in advocacy, communication and public services; create their advocacy and communication strategy projects; register independent organizations with clear governance structure based on accountability and transparency standards; create a website for publicizing its activities and prepare an action report for 2017; present its activities to the public by publishing articles and creating social communication messages; perform a regular and strategic advocacy including self-governance institutions and national agencies; actively participate in work groups and develop robust proposals for public policy planning, execution and need changes in the national law.

Estimated duration of the project – 4 months. The project will be implemented from September 1, 2017, until December 31, 2017.

soc-min-631The project is supported by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania.