“Nothing about us without us: Empowering LGBT youth in the fight against bullying” 07 2022 – 12 2023


When LGBT students face bullying, it is necessary to create a support system, increase the awareness of parents, school staff and peers about the harmful effects of bullying on the emotional health of LGBT young people. To improve the situation of LGBT young people in Lithuania it is especially important to adopt good practices of foreign countries, exchange good practices, promote intergenerational cooperation and establish intercultural dialogue, enabling different vulnerable groups to share their experiences and actively defend their rights.

The aim of the project “Nothing about us without us: empowering LGBT youth in the fight against bullying” is to enable LGBT young people to actively defend their right to access education without discrimination, strengthen their resistance to bullying by providing improved emotional support services, and actively involve them in advocacy. The project also aims to involve the entire school community in the support network for LGBT students.

Project target groups: LGBT students, representatives of the school community, implementing organizations and volunteers of the LGL emotional support platform.

After the implementation of activities No. 1.1 Seminars for students on bullying prevention, No. 1.2 Information days for school communities, No. 1.3. International conference on bullying prevention in Vilnius and 1.4 Survey of LGBT students, situation assessment and research report, LGBT young people will be actively involved in advocating for the needs of their community.

Implementation of activity No. 2.1. Updating the emotional support platform, ensuring its continuity, involving, and empowering volunteers and disseminating information about the services provided by the platform, will improve existing services to meet the needs of LGBT young people.

Implementation of activities No. 3.1 Exchange of good practice visit to Lithuania, No. 3.2 Norwegian expert training in the field of bullying prevention, will encourage the inclusion of LGBT young people and raise awareness among partner organizations.

It is expected that the proposed project will provide an opportunity for vulnerable target group to participate in events, gain the necessary knowledge, and enable them to contribute to advocating for the needs of their community. The project will also provide an impetus to improve existing emotional support services, promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups, raise their awareness, and foster intercultural dialogue and intergenerational cooperation.

The project is implemented by the National LGBT rights organization LGL, together with partners: FRI – The Norwegian Organization for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Queer Youth Norway, Radviliškis Vincas Kudirka progymnasium and The Jewish (Litvak) Community of Lithuania.

The project is funded under the 2014-2021 EEA Financial Mechanism – Active Citizens Fund.

The project is funded under the 2014-2021 EEA Financial Mechanism – Active Citizens Fund.