QuPiD: Queer Pathways into Diversity. 2013 09 – 2015 07

“QuPiD. Queer Pathways into Diversity. Being different  as a key factor in LGBT*IQ European Adult Education” is Grundtvig lifelong learning partnership program. Six organizations from five countries (Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Malta and UK) are partisipating in this project. You can find more information at the project website www.qupid.eu

QuPiD  focuses specifically on political education, which critically deals with heteronormativity and the issues surrounding it. Our aim is to focus on adult education.

The project partners consider LGBT*IQ adult education as a key element in combating how non-heteronormative ways of living have been marginalised and stereotyped, and we seek to sensitise and inform the heterosexual majority of society on these issues.

Our intention is to use this educational strategy to challenge oppressive beliefs, politics and violence in European societies as well as to facilitate the participation and active citizenship of LGBT*IQ people.

The six project partners aim to discuss the needs, resources, topics, target groups, approaches and objectives in LGBT*IQ adult education through an exchange of experiences and best practices.

The partners will develop educational strategies to empower LGBT*IQ people as well as strategies on how “being different” may become a key factor for discussing LGBT*IQ issues.