Baltic Pride 2019: Promoting LGBT* Human Rights through Norwegian-Baltic Cooperation 2019 02 – 2019 12

The project Baltic Pride 2019: Promoting LGBT* Human Rights through Norwegian-Baltic Cooperation seeks to promote sustainable cooperation among the three major LGBT* organizations in the Baltic States, namely LGL (Lithuania), Mozaika (Latvia) and the Estonian LGBT Association (Estonia), and partners from the Donor state Norway, namely Oslo Pride, in advancing LGBT* human rights through the Baltic Pride platform.

Organizing Baltic Pride 2019 activities, partners seeks to achieve the following goals:

  • improve the capacities of human rights activists in Baltic States;
  • raise awareness and improve perceptions and attitudes towards LGBT* people in the beneficiary states;
  • strengthen cooperation between the Baltic States and Norway by drawing attention to the challenges of the LGBT* community;
  • promote active citizenship among the members of the local LGBT* community through cooperation between the Baltic States and Norway.

Projects’ goals will be reached through the following activities:

  • exchange meetings between human rights activists from Norway and Baltic states;
  • awareness raising campaign, which includes billboard and social media campaigns;
  • Baltic Pride magazine;
  • International Human Rights Conference, in which a speaker form Norway and human rights activists from donor and beneficiary states will participate;
  • LGBT* cultural event Pride Voices Gala;
  • Baltic Pride 2019 festival event Pride Park, in which performers and activists from Norway, Latvia and Estonia will participate.

The active contribution by the project partners in organizing the Baltic Pride 2019 activities in Lithuania seeks not only to promote LGBT* human rights locally, but also to consolidate the partnership among the main LGBT* civil society organizations in the region.

More about project activities:

Baltic Pride 2019 posters in the streets of Vilnius (Billboard Campaign)
An Exclusive Free Magazine Launched for the Upcoming “Baltic Pride“ 2019
“Baltic Pride“ 2019 Magazine Published on LGL Website
International Baltic Pride 2019 Human Rights Conference held at the Tolerance Center
Spectacular Pride Voices Gala event at the Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre
Baltic Pride 2019 Party (Pride Park)
Vilnius hosts fourth “Baltic Pride” festival