The LGBT Centre hosts a variety of different activities throughout the year. We hold film screenings, lectures, arts and crafts workshops and many other events. Project activities, events, campaigns and workshops are dedicated to the Lithuanian LGBT* community, which is as colorful as a rainbow. For more information on upcoming events, please see the calendar.

The LGBT* Center hosts a library in relation to the organization’s activities, the free internet access is provided and people are always welcome to come by for a cup of coffee or tea. The LGBT* Center is open for all well-meaning visitors, who are willing to know more about the organization’s activities and about the situation of the LGBT* human rights in Lithuania.

LGBT* Center (located in the LGL’s office) is becoming a safe space for an increasing number of young individuals, who are seeking for personal development, increased social awareness on civic/political issues and who strive to spending their free time in a quality manner.

We organize various seminars, trainings, we provide individual consultations and we seek to increase legal awareness by our community members in the field of human right. In addition to this, we seek to build up a motivated team of volunteers, who have all the necessary skills and knowledge. We strive that our volunteers are using LGL as a platform for the implementation of their own ideas and projects.

The team of volunteers is one of the key pillars within the framework of the organization’s activities. Our volunteers come both from Lithuania and from abroad. All of them contribute their time, ideas, skills and experiences with the view of implementing LGL’s objectives and enriching the association’s activities.