“Challenges to family policies and law in expanding Europe” 2003 11 – 2004 09

Period: November 2003 – September 2004

The aim of the project was to foster the informed dialogue in Lithuania by providing comprehensive sociological and legal guidance on diverse family policies in the Member States of EU and the challenges arising from demographic and societal change. Popular awareness and acceptance of these issues were promoted among the target groups (family-counselling NGO’s, attorneys, police workers, social workers and teachers in regional municipalities) by organising 5 seminars and press conferences, expert desktop research, designing movable photo exhibition, production of good practice guidebook with recommendations for relevant decision makers, photo handbook, dissemination of the project outputs on the website, at the seminars, in the libraries, EU information centres and by post.

Main objectives of the project were:

•To clarify the observable impact on economic conditions and quality of life of persons created by existing national (including Lithuanian) legislations on marriage, partnership, cohabitation, parenting.

• To engage in informed dialogue with target groups on societal and demographic changes in EU and Lithuania affecting family policy and law.

• To highlight possible trends of mutual adjustment / tensions between EU social policy and national family laws.

•To boost among target groups maximal critical awareness about and wider acceptance of project-topics by encouraging them to debate evolving changes in societal/legal family, partnership, parenting practices and relevant policies.

•To instigate more accurate and systematic comparative and independent research in Lithuania on reciprocal change of family policy/law and practice in expanding EU.

More information about the project you can find www.gay.lt/family

Publication of the project