“Baltic Pride Main Concert” & “Baltic Pride House: Week of Cultural Initiatives” 02 2022 – 09 2022

PRIDE-PARK-EVENT“Baltic Pride” Main Concert near the White Bridge is not only a flesh of entertainment, but also a space for community that will contribute to make Vilnius more open and friendly to differences. Free and open concert for all city people will start right after the March for Equality. Cooperating with the M.A.M.A. music festival the concert will be the pinnacle of March of Equality. This will be a platform to spread the difference and equality messages to every Vilnius city inhabitant and guest. There will be best Lithuanian and foreign artists at the concert.

event-cover-15-18“Baltic Pride House: Week of Cultural Initiatives” project aim is to motivate vulnerable LGBT community art people to integrate to community via creative activities and art. The events should motivate their creativity, educate society and stimulate tolerance through the LGBT and art people friendship. There will be seven days of intense cultural-educational program for our target audience to achieve the main purpose.

Projects’ target group size:

– about 15 000 people expected at the concert;

– concert’s live broadcast will be watching at least 10 000 people;

– at least 5000 people are expected to visit cultural initiations week.

Projects artistic and cultural value, relevance:

For the first time in Vilnius history there will be a 4-hour concert that will openly spread Lithuanian and foreign artists’ message for differences and equality. It will be an active response to society’s hate speech. Baltic Pride festival concert’s program will be done cooperated with M.A.M.A. and foreign embassies. This cooperation will ensure cultural trade between Vilnius and other cities like Paris, Oslo, Brussels.

By “Cultural initiations week” we try to create a safe and neutral space for community to reveal themselves. It is a space where creative initiations can be spread by all gathered community people and their artistic activities, and experiences. There will be discussions about the relevant topics about culture and community’s invite to explore and meet all the people and culture.

Main objectives:

1) to motivate LGBT community culture trade, spread the availability to wider society and LGBT community people to minimize the separation;

2)  to contribute to make Vilnius city’s image more open and friendly for LGBT people;

3) to raise awareness about LGBT community experienced problems in society;

4) to motivate LGBT people‘s creativity and involvement to cultural, advocacy and awareness raising activities;

5) to give extra visibility for LGBT community.

Desired outcome:

1) The project will promote the dissemination of tolerance through music, creativity and access to equality ideas for the general public, reducing social exclusion.

2) Free events will be available to all citizens and guests regardless of social status and other differences.

3) Live streaming will significantly increase the reach of the event to a wider audience both nationally and internationally.

4) The international project will contribute to the formation of a positive image of Vilnius as a city promoting European values ​​of equality.

The project is funded by the Vilnius City Municipality Culture Support Program.

The project is funded by the Vilnius City Municipality Culture Support Program.