Advocacy for the under-represented: tackling human rights of gays and lesbians in Lithuania

The aims of this project:

•Among the general public, to increase awareness and visibility of gay and lesbian human rights issues, as an indispensable precondition for the effective integration of lesbians and gays in society, and to increase recognition of the need for the dignity and rights of the 5-10% of the Lithuanian citizens who are homosexuals to be fully respected;

•To encourage advocacy and education on human rights, anti-discrimination practices and legislation.

•Among gays and lesbians, to implement equal opportunities to access the means of information by maintaining a NATIONAL GAY AND LESBIAN HUMAN RIGHTS NETWORK and to make them more conscious of their – actual and potential – economic, social and cultural contribution to society;

•To strengthen the only national NGO so that it is capable to express and defend the interests of vulnerable group of lesbians and gays and reduce discrimination;

•To support initiatives, groups and the individuals to come out openly as lesbians and gays and to claim their human rights.

Experienced local gay and lesbian activists transferred know-how to the national network from the international workshops and exchanged experience with sister NGO’s from EU. Local community gained a possibility to address their specific needs through information network.

The project promoted acceptance of lesbian/gay rights in all sectors of society and empowered NGO’s to influence the legislators in such a way that they take adequate account of lesbian and gay concerns.