LBT Women Camp

The first camp dedicated to and for LBT women took place last weekend, from 9th till 11th of September 2011, in Jašiūnai.

The Friday evening started with a socialization program where the participants presented themselves and in this way the group became a cohesive one, prepared for the upcoming activities.

The program for Saturday included seminars and workshops which referred to LBT issues from different perspectives.

The first seminar held by Ausma Sakalauskaitė was a team-building session, including practical group sessions on LBT issues.

The second workshop, held by psychologist Justina Vaitkevičiūtė was about how LBT women can find a way to talk about themselves and about what is important for them. The presentation included also steps related to coming-out process.

The day continued with the seminar held by philosopher Nida Vasiliauskaitė: a theoretical lecture about LBT representation of women’s rights – the strategy, experiences and challenges today.

The last seminar of the day was held by Karilė Levickaitė (Global Initiative on Psychiatry) who spoke about LBT women’s health needs and representation trough a theoretical and practical approach.

In the evening the camp participants watched a documentary with interviews presenting transgender persons, feminists and lesbians, depicting the trans issue from various persepctives.

The third and last day was a practical group sessions held by two LGL vollunteers: Elena Dapkunaite and Monika Maconkaitė, an open discussion about the objectives of training, strategy and action plan development for the next 3 years (2012-2015).

More impressions from the camp are reflected in the video here. Many thanks to our volunteer Joanna!