Our project EQUAL JUS aims at promoting, guaranteeing and sustaining LGBT rights, through the elaboration of legal tools, vocational training and communication.

EQUAL JUS has a mission concerning LGBT rights within the framework of promoting fundamental rights and democratic values and life.

It is important to remember that the project works on strengthening capacities of associations in providing legal support in fighting homophobia, and that all partners from France (Ravad, Sos Homophobie), Italy (Università di Udine, Avvocatura LGBT, IMED), Lithuania (Lithuania Gay League) and Poland (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) have decided to commonly face the problem of homophobic discrimination that unfortunately has a growing echo in Europe.

Our purpose is pursued through the networking of stakeholder associations and the establishment of a Research Centre in Florence and through the elaboration of juridical tools, such as :

– a free online database gathering laws and juridical cases, concerning the entire european context, and

– an online legal manual and Training materials.

Lawyers, judges and practitioners from the EU member states will attend a common training in Florence and will also hold training sessions within their Countries. The cascade effect foreseen will surely increase the number of professionals active in guaranteeing LGBT rights and fighting homophobic discrimination.

An awareness raising campaign will be addressed to professionals and stakeholders. The logo will contribute to the campaign promoting the project’s image and objectives.

We invite all parties interested in contributing to build and share a better society for us all.