Susitikimas su Nyderlandų liberalais

  • Data: 10 Spa 2014 Pradžia: 16:00 Vieta: LGBT* centras Pylimo g. 21, LT-01141 Vilnius
Susitikimas su Nyderlandų liberalais

Į LGL atvyksta penkiolika Nyderlandų Social-liberalų partijos D66 narių. Vizito metu Vilniuje jie nori susitikti su Lietuvos LGBT* aktyvistais ir sužinoti daugiau apie šiuos klausimus:

*What is the current legal situation regarding LGTB rights in Lithuania”? In what ways does this resemble/differ from the widely publicized case of Russia?

* How do public attitudes toward the LGBT community in Lithuania develop? How do they compare with the attitudes in neighbouring countries? Can you tell something about the current “KEISK/Change” campaign and its objectives?

* What do you perceive the greatest challenges and problems in supporting LGBT rights in Lithuania today?

* How do you evaluate last summer’s Baltic Pride in Vilnius? How has the attitude of public authorities and the population developed over the last 5 years?

* How does the LGL cooperate with other civic organizations in Lithuania? Do you receive any support from local or national authorities? How do you organize your public and political lobby?

LGL darbuotojai, valdybos nariai ir savanoriai kviečiami į susitikimą.