Last month we experienced a great Drag workshop. This time we moved a bit forward, passing from the drag notions – more related to performance and entertainment, to the concept of “gender f**k” – more political and committed. Gender f**k is the specific strategy that you can conduct to subvert, disrupt or bend traditional gender


Building bridge between Rome and Vilnius

Two Italian guys, Serena Cantoni and Marco Quaresima, came to Vilnius last week to conduct a research on the LGBT* general situation in Lithuania and realize a photo traveling exhibit that will connect Rome with Vilnius, creating a new international relationship. Our European Volunteer Service (EVS) volunteers, Yuri and Marina (the EVS is a project


EVS volunteer Veronika supported LGBT* organization in Slovakia “Saplinq”

Our EVS volunteers are not volunteering just for equality of LGBT* people in Lithuania, but they stay in contact with their homeland LGBT* organizations and support them from abroad. Our current EVS volunteer Veronika from Slovakia is a good example of this practice. One of her learning goals on her EVS is to improve her


“Share Your Colors ” visits SapfoFest 2016

The pearl of the summer SapfoFest is celebrating the fifth anniversary this year, and „Share Your Colors“ crew came with presents! SapfoFest is an independent queer festival which is exceptional for its openness – each is welcome to propose a contribution to the program: facilitate workshops, lectures, discussions, bring exhibitions and performances. To make the

Share Your Colors Photo

Chronicles of “Share your colors“ or active activism

Some of us have been already familiar with little town called Ommen – lots of water,  little houses with well-maintained courtyards, always shifting weather. “Share Your Colors“ – the second part out of three of youth exchange projects funded by Erasmus+ program. It is a result of long-term cooperation between Olde Vechte Foundation (The Netherlands)


Drag workshop took place in LGL community center!

After plenty of serious workshops, it was time to do something “less professional”! The workshop started with a name game that permitted to put participants at their ease, and of course to know each other a bit. Then a power point presentation took place and two guys worked on it, indeed it was divided into


LGL and Demetra: the collaboration is ready to culminate in the Pride House

In the last months, the Lithuanian Gay League had the pleasure to keep a great contact with the Association Demetra and is now taking it to the Baltic Pride 2016 community space, reserved for workshops, lectures and exhibitions! Celebrating the recent opening of the HIV Checkpoint together with LGL and other organizations and then involving


The first EVS exchange signed by LGL!

In the past two weeks, the current Italian volunteer working in EVS, Yuri, implemented his idea of having an EVS exchange with a peer. After discussing about it with the National Agency and several other EVS volunteers, he and other friends promoted the idea by making a Facebook group with detailed program and rules. Unfortunately,


Our seasonal homemade magazine is out!

LGL’s volunteers just published the Volunteer’s zines nr.1 and nr.2, brainchildren of their community periodical meetings. Developing different topics from the LGBT* holidays of the last months, young guys -devoted to participate actively in the organization- freed their imagination on sheets, to spread awareness and fun. Starting in winter, with the help of LGL’s Volunteer coordinators and the EVS