Our seasonal homemade magazine is out!

LGL’s volunteers just published the Volunteer’s zines nr.1 and nr.2, brainchildren of their community periodical meetings.

Developing different topics from the LGBT* holidays of the last months, young guys -devoted to participate actively in the organization- freed their imagination on sheets, to spread awareness and fun. Starting in winter, with the help of LGL’s Volunteer coordinators and the EVS volunteers, in a couple of meetings the preparations to start this project were ready: from then on our folks produced illustrations, comics and articles, choosing mainly the comical way.

The main topic for the first number has been Bisexuality visibility, but there is a wide range of arguments treated.

The spring issue, the second one, developed mainly Intersex and Trans topics, but also egalitarianism and bisexuality. [Unfortunately the cover page has been classified as inappropriate for some users, so the readers are invited to quickly sign up]

This seems just the beginning of a -hopefully- long serie of zines, readable online or in LGL’s office.

Enjoy, and see you in our Baltic House to collaborate on the Summer issue!



LGL is carrying out the 10 months project ‘Volunteering for Visibility and Inclusion’ under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).