LGL’s Volunteer Giordano: My Experience in Documenting the Award Ceremony

The ceremony of the National Equality and Diversity Awards 2016 took place at the beautiful Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania on the evening of 29th March 2017. Many people attended this big and important event, ready to celebrate equality for everybody beyond sexuality, religion or disability. As a volunteer and photographer of the

Book Club reserve

Next week, on Tuesday March 21st, 2017, another session of Book Club is going to happen in LGBT* community centre. This time with the epithet “Queer Feminist” we are going to discuss the non-fiction book Argonauts written by Maggie Nelson. It is already fifth time that we are going to meet at this opportunity. What


Workshop on Sexism in Music Held in LGL`s Community Center

On January 26, 2017 LGL`s community centre held the workshop ‘You’re pretty good… for a girl.’, where around 20 people gathered to learn and discuss about feminism and sexism in the context of music industry. You may be thinking… do we really need to talk about this? It’s 2017, we’re over this! And the short


LGL’s EVS volunteer participated in European Solidarity Corps launch event

Last week I was invited to the event with mysterious name European Solidarity Corps launch event. With no expectation and with the view of free lunch and one day out of the LGL`s office I confirmed my participation. Event was taking place in European House. Have you ever been there? I am sure that you


Call for new EVS volunteer in LGL from Slovakia is open!

 Volunteer for equality!   You are fired up for human rights, equality and want to gain experience in LGBT* activism? You are interested in artistic activism and non – formal education? You are ready to explore the (almost) unknown Lithuanian culture? Then LGL is looking for YOU! About us: The ‘National LGBT* Rights Organisation LGL’


EVS volunteer Veronika supported LGBT* organization in Slovakia “Saplinq”

Our EVS volunteers are not volunteering just for equality of LGBT* people in Lithuania, but they stay in contact with their homeland LGBT* organizations and support them from abroad. Our current EVS volunteer Veronika from Slovakia is a good example of this practice. One of her learning goals on her EVS is to improve her