Drag workshop took place in LGL community center!

After plenty of serious workshops, it was time to do something “less professional”!

The workshop started with a name game that permitted to put participants at their ease, and of course to know each other a bit. Then a power point presentation took place and two guys worked on it, indeed it was divided into two parts: the first, presented by the German intern Valentin, introduced people to the meaning of drag queen*, the second one instead talked about the basis of makeup, and the new EVS volunteer Marina worked on it.

Finally, was time to have fun and with the help of glitters, false eyelashes, wigs and very much more the workshop went on!

*Performing as a drag king or queen means taking on a persona, usually of the opposite gender, that you have created for yourself. It usually means playing with exaggeration and mocking traditional gender roles. The visual part is very important for drag performance. It is often associated with traditionally female clothes (for drag queens) like high heels or dresses, but also wigs and make up.

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LGL is carrying out the 10-month projects “Heading Towards Visibilty and Equality” under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).

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