Gender f**k or not? Workshop about gender f**k took place in LGL`s community centre

Last month we experienced a great Drag workshop. This time we moved a bit forward, passing from the drag notions – more related to performance and entertainment, to the concept of “gender f**k” – more political and committed.

Gender f**k is the specific strategy that you can conduct to subvert, disrupt or bend traditional gender roles and gender binary. It can be achieved through physical presentation (e.g. clothing, hair, makeup, and secondary sex characteristics), as well as behavior. It uses the elements of drag, cross-dressing or androgyny, but the difference is that gender f**k is done on purpose to expose gender roles as artificial. We can consider gender f**k as a form of social activism, since gender roles that it tries to challenge can be found oppressive for some persons.

This time our workshop hosted also a guest`s lecture. Lucia, PhD. student of sociology at Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), introduced us her artistic/sociological project Pán William (Mr. William) that carries signs of gender f**k activity. Her presentation was a good kick to start a discussion also with another guest Katarína, PhD. student of sociology as well. Both of our guests are former gender studies schoolmates of our current EVS volunteer Veronika and their insights brought a new perspective to the topic. Also thanks to the interested participants the discussion was very fruitfull. We were discussing mostly the differences of the concepts of gender f**k and drag or gender nonconformity and connection to the concept of queer in general.

After the presentation and discussion more artistic souls could use their skills, as coloured papers, markers and pencils, scissors and glue were prepared for us to create a gender f**k collage of some world-famous paintings. You can see the results in the photo gallery.

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