EVS volunteer Veronika supported LGBT* organization in Slovakia “Saplinq”

Our EVS volunteers are not volunteering just for equality of LGBT* people in Lithuania, but they stay in contact with their homeland LGBT* organizations and support them from abroad. Our current EVS volunteer Veronika from Slovakia is a good example of this practice. One of her learning goals on her EVS is to improve her


Slovakia’s fight for LGBTI equality

Slovakia’s referendum result provides a strong platform for future constructive discussion on same-sex partnerships, according to equality organisation ILGA-Europe. It was announced on Sunday (8 February) that the referendum had not reached the required 50% voter threshold and was therefore invalid. Despite attempts by anti-equality campaigners and various organisations (from both inside and outside Slovakia)


Slovak constitution amended to specifically ban same-sex relationships

The constitution of Slovakia has been amended to define marriage as specifically the “unique bond between a man and a woman”. MPs from both the SMER (Social Democrats), and the KDH (Christian Democrats), voted for the amendment. The amendment specifically bars same-sex relationships to be recognised under the term ‘marriage’, and stops gay and lesbian couples from