(My) On-Arrival Training in Trakai

I’m a new volunteer in Vilnius, working at The National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL; I’m from Rome, Italy, so this country it’s really different from what I’m used to, but also interesting because of this. I did my On-arrival Training after just four days from my arrival in Vilnius, so for me it was a

Photo of an old movie projector

Movie Evenings in LGL’s Community Centre

It has been quite some time since LGL hosted its’ last movie evening. In addition, since we missed it so much, our new EVS volunteer Giordano took initiative on engaging LGBT community by bringing movie evenings to our events’ calendar. Last week, everyone came for Gaycation (documentary series) screening. It follows Ellen Page and Ian


Workshop on Sexism in Music Held in LGL`s Community Center

On January 26, 2017 LGL`s community centre held the workshop ‘You’re pretty good… for a girl.’, where around 20 people gathered to learn and discuss about feminism and sexism in the context of music industry. You may be thinking… do we really need to talk about this? It’s 2017, we’re over this! And the short


Israelian Food Journalist Gil Hovav Visited LGL`s Community Center

Gil Hovav, the leading culinary journalist and TV personality in Israel, visited the LGL`s community centre on January 20, 2017. The event was organized in collaboration with Embassy of Israel in Lithuania. This delightful event provided with an opportunity for LGL`s community members to learn about the situation of LGBT* people in Israel. Israel is


LGL’s EVS volunteer participated in European Solidarity Corps launch event

Last week I was invited to the event with mysterious name European Solidarity Corps launch event. With no expectation and with the view of free lunch and one day out of the LGL`s office I confirmed my participation. Event was taking place in European House. Have you ever been there? I am sure that you


LGL celebrated Intersex Awareness Day with the workshop

Last Thursday we had a workshop to commemorate Intersex Awareness Day which is on 26th of October. It was divided into a couple of parts. Firstly, there was an icebreaker during which we got acquainted with each other. Secondly, we were informed the basic information about intersex. Thirdly, we had an exercise to complete. We


Hiking to the Lithuanian Gay Lake: Enjoy the Path, not the Destination

On October 16th, 2016 the EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer Veronika Štefečková organized a hiking trip to the lake Gėjus (Lithuanian word for gay) situated in the district of Trakai, and I decided to join her. The name of the lake derives from the root GEI (Gay in English), and it has been chosen because


Milk Movie Night Held At LGBT* Centre

LGL`s Movie Evening season has started with a piece of historical activism. The title of the movie “Milk” is clear and simple, like the imagine that the director tries to give about the main character. Harvey Bernard Milk (1930-1978), was a San Francisco city politician who helped open the door for gays and lesbians in


LGL`s EVS volunteers: the mid-term evaluation meeting

On 10th-11th October, me and Veronika as LGL`s EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteers, took part in the mid-term training organized by the Lithuanian Agency of International Youth Cooperation. According to the Guide of Erasmus+ Programme, all EVS volunteers have the right and responsibility to attend EVS training sessions in order to receive information about the


Boardgame night in LGL = always good fun

On Thursday, October 13th, we spent another cosy evening in LGL`s community centre premises with couple of boardgames, tea, coffee and cookies. This time, let the photos speak instead of words! If you would like to come and try these boardgames, there will be another opportunity in November! Check out our calendar or follow our


On Thursday, September 22nd, we met in LGL`s community centre on occasion of Bisexual Visibility Day that is commemorated worldwide on September 23rd. As it is generally known, bisexual people are sometimes invisible in LGBT* community and there is a lot of myths about them (you can read on some of them here). But as


Boardgame nights are back!

After the long break the boardgame nights are back in LGL community centre! First of them took place last Thursday, September 8th and we can not imagine better start of the autumn season in LGL. A lot of new faces, names on stickers, some chill-out music, cookies, tea and coffee and various board games –