Workshop on bisexuality pointed out on prejudices about people who identify as bisexual

On Thursday, September 22nd, we met in LGL`s community centre on occasion of Bisexual Visibility Day that is commemorated worldwide on September 23rd. As it is generally known, bisexual people are sometimes invisible in LGBT* community and there is a lot of myths about them (you can read on some of them here). But as it is always different to just read about something and experience something on one`s own, our volunteer Justė and intern Ingrida prepared interactive workshop on topic of bisexuality. Do you wonder how it looked like? Our EVS volunteer Veronika wrote something about it from her point of view:

“Juste and Ingrida prepared the workshop in the way that was very easy to access for everybody. Even if I didn`t feel like talking too much on that day, the first clock activity made it so easy to talk even with the people that I met for the first time. Our task was to draw a big clock, then arrange the “dates” with other people at the certain time and write their names next to the numbers of the clock. When everybody was done, dating could start – Ingrida always announced the time and topic of the date and you were talking with your “date” for one minute for example about the craziest thing you have ever done or which person would you like to embody if you could.

Also the second activity – storytelling – was very informal and it was voluntary to take part in it on every stage. First everybody had to write some wish on the piece of papers, that were subsequently mixed together. Then who wanted took the wish from the bowl and told the story as the wish was already fulfilled – and everybody had to guess what was the wish. While telling the story they had to incorporate the bisexuality related terms that were taken from another bowl that Justė has prepared in advance and that were discussed afterwards. It was really easy to share the story for me in the way the activity was arranged and as we used the terms already in the context of the stories, it was easier to discuss about them.

For me as a participant of the workshop it was the possibility to learn more about the terms that are connected with the topic of bisexuality. Even if I consider myself as an educated in LGBT* topics, there is always something new to explore and discuss about.  My main motivation to attend this workshop was that I have realized that there are some prejudices also in my mind and that they come mostly from lack of personal experience with these topics. It helped me a lot when I met and talked to the people that identify openly as bisexual, and this workshop was another opportunity to make some personal experience.

I really liked that participants took the workshop as an opportunity to improve their English, as it is the same for me as for them, even if there is always chance to hold it in both languages (Lithuanian and English) for people that don`t feel comfortable to express themselves in foreign language.”

If this sounds interesting for you and you would like to attend some other events that we are preparing for you in LGL`s community centre, check out our FB or calendar at webpage. We are looking forward to welcome you here!


LGL is carrying out the 10-month project “Heading Towards Visibility and Equality” under the Erasmus+ program EVS (European Voluntary Service).