Movie Evenings in LGL’s Community Centre

It has been quite some time since LGL hosted its’ last movie evening. In addition, since we missed it so much, our new EVS volunteer Giordano took initiative on engaging LGBT community by bringing movie evenings to our events’ calendar.

Last week, everyone came for Gaycation (documentary series) screening. It follows Ellen Page and Ian Daniel who set off to explore LGBT cultures around the world, for example, from Japan to Brazil, to Jamaica and to the USA. The two meet some fascinating people during their travels and hear their stories. The first episode took us to Japan and gave a brief insight of Japanese LGBT people life, its’ issues, relationships, and of course, some cultural aspects. We did start from the first season and first episode, so if you missed it, do not worry, come for next episode, which will take us to a completely different place of the world.

If you are up for some learning about different cultures and its’ LGBT issues or just simply love to hang out in the evenings and discuss, it is a great option to spend the end of the day purposefully. Sounds interesting, right? Then do not hesitate to join us for the next movie evening!

For upcoming events, check our calendar here.

erasmus_logo2-1024x292LGL is carrying out the 10-month project “Democracy and Art Intertwined: Working Towards Empowered and Active LGBT Community and Allies in Lithuania” under the Erasmus+ program EVS (European Voluntary Service).