On Thursday, September 22nd, we met in LGL`s community centre on occasion of Bisexual Visibility Day that is commemorated worldwide on September 23rd. As it is generally known, bisexual people are sometimes invisible in LGBT* community and there is a lot of myths about them (you can read on some of them here). But as

Report: Workshop on International Bisexual Visibility Day at LGL

As every year since 1999, on 23rd October occurred the Bisexual Visibility Day that heads to recognize and celebrate bisexuality and to preserve and mark its differences from other LGBT* groups. This year the LGL celebrated it with the “Bi Creative” workshop – which was not, as one might think, only about freeing the mind

LGL sent a strong message on Bi Visibility Day

To celebrate International Bi Visibility Day, the national LGBT* rights organization, LGL, sent postcards to Lithuanian Members of Parliament. The postcards, which included an explanation of bisexuality along with key facts, reached the mailboxes of all 140 MPs on Tuesday. Thanks to LGL, Lithuania was one of the few countries in the world to celebrate