Italy kicks off long awaited debate on same-sex civil unions

Italy has finally begun debating a bill to allow same-sex couples to enter civil unions. The debate began on the 14th of October, 2015 on the long-awaited bill, which has the support of Premier Matteo Renzi. Although the debate began this week, campaigners are not holding their breath as the issue is a contentious one,

More people than ever are coming out on Facebook

Research from Facebook shows that more and more people on the platform are opening up about the gender and sexuality. The social network has been monitoring statistics relating to coming out – from expressing an ‘interested in’ of the same gender, or from specifying a custom gender identity. It noted that “consistent with popular perceptions”, more and

EU Parliament calls for action to better trans people’s job situation

LGL welcomes the European Parliament’s adoption of the Zaborska Report [1] on equal opportunities and equal treatment of men and women in matters of employment and occupation. Amongst other things the report also calls for trans people’s improved access to justice, proactive measures, non-discrimination laws, and trans-friendly workplaces. It is to highlight in particular that

A new HIV vaccine – developed by the scientist who discovered the virus causes AIDS – has begun human trials.   Robert Gallo, who also invented the HIV blood test, and a team at the University of Maryland School of Medicine launched its Phase 1 clinical trial on Thursday (8 October). ‘Our HIV/AIDS vaccine candidate is designed to

Boys can now wear skirts to school in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Education Minister has announced changes to a school uniform code that lets boys wear skirts. Minister Rafael Roman confirmed changes today that are intended to make the US territory’s strict uniform policy more LGBT-inclusive and less restrictive. The Puerto Rico Department of Education requires all students to wear school uniforms – only providing exemptions

Sydney Mayor marries same-sex couple inside British consulate

Despite same-sex marriage remaining banned in Australia, Sydney’s Lord Mayor has performed a same-sex wedding ceremony inside the British consulate. Australia’s anti-gay marriage former PM Tony Abbott plotted to stall same-sex marriage earlier this year when it was set to come to a vote, instead proposing a plebiscite (public vote) to be held in 2017. Though Mr Abbott

Report: Workshop on International Bisexual Visibility Day at LGL

As every year since 1999, on 23rd October occurred the Bisexual Visibility Day that heads to recognize and celebrate bisexuality and to preserve and mark its differences from other LGBT* groups. This year the LGL celebrated it with the “Bi Creative” workshop – which was not, as one might think, only about freeing the mind

Rainbow Catholic network launches as Pope condemns same-sex marriage

LGBT Catholics from over 31 countries have launched a global network, as the Pope rallies against same-sex marriage. As he opens the Church’s annual synod, Pope Francis this week suggested that same-sex marriage is a “passing fad”. The Pontiff insisted the church cannot be “swayed by passing fads or popular opinion”, adding: “God’s dream for

Disappointment in Poland as gender recognition act vetoed

On Friday 2 October, Polish President Andrzej Duda vetoed the Gender Accordance Act, to the dismay of activists in Poland and all over Europe.   This was a prime opportunity for Poland to join their European counterparts, such as Malta and Ireland, who have improved gender recognition provisions in 2015. ILGA-Europe had previously urged President

Report: Workshop on Intersex at LGL

“What is Intersex?” This is the question the workshop of the 17th of September began with. Through Annemarie and Elena, the LGL dealt with the most hidden letter of the LGBTI* community: the “I”. After a quick introduction of everyone the group delved into the evening‘s topic: “Myths and Facts” about intersex people. For a

“I am a homosexual priest, happy and proud of my own identity”

The Vatican on Saturday sacked a gay priest after he came out as gay on the eve of a major meeting of bishops where the Church’s stance on homosexuality is expected to be discussed. Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, a Polish theologian, had worked at the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrinal arm, since 2003. He

Hundreds of LGBT advocates to attend Honduras conference

Hundreds of LGBT rights advocates from across Latin America and the Caribbean are expected to gather in Honduras this week for a conference designed to spur further participation in the political processes of their respective countries. Randy Berry, the special U.S. envoy to promote global LGBT rights, is among those who are scheduled to speak