The Biggest Rally for LGBTI Rights in Australian History

Tens of thousands of people in cities around Australia hit the pavement to support marriage equality. More than 30,000 people took to the streets of Sydney to march for marriage equality in what became Australia’s largest LGBTI rally in history on September 10. Thousands of people also hit the streets in Brisbane and Hobart to

Australia’s Ruling Party Blocks Parliament Marriage Vote

Members of Australia’s ruling party on Monday blocked efforts to allow a conscience vote in the country’s parliament on whether to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported only seven members of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal Party-led coalition voted in favor of allowing lawmakers to vote on the issue. The

Australian State Recognizes Same-sex Marriages

‘From now on, no spouse will have to face the indignity of having their relationship denied.’ South Australia’s reforms for recognition of same-sex couples married overseas and anti-discrimination against intersex people came into effect today. The changes to the law happened after UK citizen David Bulmer-Rizzi died on his honeymoon in South Australia in 2015.

20 Years Ago the Last Australian State Decriminalized Homosexuality

‘The sky didn’t fall in then and it won’t now’ The activists who led the push to decriminalize homosexuality in Tasmania say Australia can learn a lot from their campaign. Tasmania was the last state to decriminalize homosexuality 20 years ago today. Rodney Croome led the push to end the criminalization of gay sex and

Intersex Advocates Pull No Punches in Historic Statement

Intersex advocates in Australia and New Zealand have come together to declare their community’s priorities for the future in a powerful statement. Over two days in Darlington, Sydney more than 20 advocates worked together at a retreat to create the ‘Darlington Statement‘. The statement identifies key priorities for intersex people. Some of these include; legal reform to

Australia Says No to Civil Celebrants Allowed to Reject Same Sex Marriages

92.6% of LGBTI survey respondents are against civil celebrants being exempt from performing same-sex marriages due to religious convictions. A survey of LGBTI Australians reveals concerns about legal discrimination in refusing to perform same-sex marriages. Funded by PFLAG, the survey showed huge opposition among LGBTI Australians to exemptions targeted exclusively at same-sex couples. When asked

Australians want same-sex marriage passed quickly in Parliament, poll finds

Australians oppose plans for a same-sex marriage plebiscite and want equality issue passed in Parliament, a poll has found. The country’s PM Malcolm Turnbull is trying to avoid a rift with his own ultra-conservative MPs by bringing forward plans to take same-sex marriage to the public in a non-binding plebiscite, instead of settling the matter in Parliament. However,

Sydney Mayor marries same-sex couple inside British consulate

Despite same-sex marriage remaining banned in Australia, Sydney’s Lord Mayor has performed a same-sex wedding ceremony inside the British consulate. Australia’s anti-gay marriage former PM Tony Abbott plotted to stall same-sex marriage earlier this year when it was set to come to a vote, instead proposing a plebiscite (public vote) to be held in 2017. Though Mr Abbott

Third Australian state to recognize overseas gay marriages

Victoria will join the states of New South Wales and Tasmania in registering same-sex marriages that are performed in other countries while Australians wait for marriage equality at home. The state Labor government of Victoria has announced plans to go ahead and recognize same-sex marriages performed overseas while LGBTI Australians continue to wait for the

Senate will debate same-sex marriage again this week. More than one million emails today (23 March) were sent to federal MPs and senators in Australia’s ruling coalition calling for a free vote on gay marriage. After Senator David Leyonhjelm announced that he would bring forward his Freedom to Marry Bill for debate later this week, advocates