The executive director of the National LGBT rights organisation LGL Vladimir Simonko can rightfully be called a chronicler of the LGBT rights movement in Lithuania. In 1995 being the first one in Lithuania to openly speak about his sexual orientation together with his partner Eduardas, today he opened the carefully guarded archive of Lithuanian publications

Hip-Hop Artist Taylor Bennett Comes Out as Bisexual to Mark 21st Birthday

Hip-Hop artist Taylor Bennett who’s the younger brother of Chance the Rapper has come out as bisexual in a series of tweets on Wednesday. Bennett is celebrating his 21st birthday on Thursday and to mark the occasion, he went on social media to tell his fan something few people know about. He wrote on Twitter: ‘My

An increasing number of gay people in China are thinking of coming out

China’s ‘Pink Market’ is estimated to be worth $145billion – but some gay people are still feeling pressure from families to stay in the closet. The results of the third, annual China LGBT Community Report have been announced, and they reveal progress with regards to attitudes towards LGBTI rights in the country. China is the

Double Olympic champion Nicola Adams has opened up about her experiences coming out and facing up to prejudice in boxing. The Team GB star recalls lying awake at night worrying before she eventually told her mum she was bi: “It took a lot of courage … I knew one other person in my school who

The first person in the royal family has just come out as gay

The Queen’s cousin has become the first member of the British Royal Family to come out as gay. Lord Ivar Mountbatten has revealed that he is now dating a man after a lifelong struggle with his sexuality. Mountbatten is the Queen’s cousin, the great great great grandson of Queen Victoria and the great-nephew of Earl

There is now a record 51 openly LGBTI athletes competing in the Rio Olympics. Olympic swimmer Rachele Bruni has won silver in the 10km marathon, and she decided to come out by dedicating the medal to her supportive girlfriend. Thanking her ‘beloved’, Diletta Faina, who had accompanied Bruni to Rio, after her second place finish.

Is verbally coming out an ethnic issue?

A person’s decision to “come out” as gay to their friends and family is a personal one, something they have to do on their own time and in their own way. The traditional narrative, though, suggests men feel better if they verbally reveal their true identity. But according to a new study published in Self and Identity, this only seems to

“I am a homosexual priest, happy and proud of my own identity”

The Vatican on Saturday sacked a gay priest after he came out as gay on the eve of a major meeting of bishops where the Church’s stance on homosexuality is expected to be discussed. Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, a Polish theologian, had worked at the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrinal arm, since 2003. He

LGBT employees unable to come out more likely to leave

LGBT employees who feel unable to come out at work more likely to leave their jobs – and cost business millions. Report suggests that the UK economy could save £678m a year if businesses better implement ‘diversity and inclusion’ policies.   Businesses are squandering millions replacing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees who quit after

Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament is too busy to meet with LGL

The national LGBT* rights organization LGL initiated a meeting with the Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Seimas and the leader of the Lithuanian Labor Party Loreta Graužinienė on September and November this year. Both times were unsuccessful. The Office of the Lithuanian Speaker of the Parliament claims that Ms. Graužinienė has no time for a