Church of Norway Approves Same-Sex-Inclusive Liturgy

The Church of Norway has approved a new liturgy inclusive of same-sex weddings taking place in churches there. The measure was approved by 89 of the members of the general synod at the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Trondheim on Monday. Delegate Gard Sandaker-Nilsen said of the vote: “This is the day when a prayer and a

Church of Norway says yes to gay weddings in its churches

The Church of Norway has approved a measure to allow same-sex couples to marry in its churches.     The church’s General Synod voted on the issue last week. ow all churches in Norway will be able to offer marriage to same-sex couples, and can immediately begin preparations to do so. As with many religious

Rainbow Catholic network launches as Pope condemns same-sex marriage

LGBT Catholics from over 31 countries have launched a global network, as the Pope rallies against same-sex marriage. As he opens the Church’s annual synod, Pope Francis this week suggested that same-sex marriage is a “passing fad”. The Pontiff insisted the church cannot be “swayed by passing fads or popular opinion”, adding: “God’s dream for

MEPs condemn homophobic statements by the Archbishop of Cyprus

At the Council of the Heads of the Christian Orthodox Church held in Istanbul last week, Cyprus’ Archbishop Chrysostomos urged all Orthodox Churches to “condemn homosexuality.” The Archbishop stated that governments demonstrated “weakening moral integrity” by ensuring equal rights, for example through civil partnerships or equal marriage. Cyprus’ government plans to submit a civil partnership

Vilnius archbishopric gives Missionary Church to the city, but gays are not allowed

The Vilnius city council approved the project of forming a Missionary Church and a monastery complex on Subaciaus street, into a cultural and educational spot. The Choir “Azuoliukas” as well as an elementary school will take up the residence, and additionally a concert hall will be opened. Besides, the contract includes things that are not

Catholic clergy praying for people not to go to Lady Gaga’s concert

Sigitas Tamkevičius, Lithuanian archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church, is praying for people not to go to Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert in Vilnius. Lady Gaga, a strong supporter of LGBT rights, is scheduled to perform in Vilnius in late August. Tamkevičius, who currently serves as Archbishop of Kaunas, was quoted in “We’ll pray for