Trans People in Nepal Can Now Update Their Gender on Citizenship Papers

Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled it violated human rights for people not to have their true gender on their personal documents. The Nepal Supreme Court has just made it possible for people to update all of their personal documents to reflect their true name and gender. Personal documents include citizenship papers, birth certificates and educational documents.

Norway Could Introduce a Third Gender Option on Passports

The Norwegian Labour Party has proposed that it could introduce a third gender option on passports. The party proposed that the third option, ‘hen’ could be introduced for those who do not identify as male or female. The AP wrote in its draft policies for 2017-2021, that it would consider introducing the third gender option.

The first third-gender passport has been issued in Nepal

Nepal has joined the few countries which allow third gender passports, as it issues its first one. The country issued the passport, which allows ‘other’ as a gender category alongside ‘male’ and ‘female’. Monica Shahi was the first person to receive such a passport. The only other countries which allow third-gender, or gender ‘x’ passports

Thailand poised to recognize ‘third gender’ in new constitution

Members of a commission charged with writing Thailand’s new constitution this week said they have proposed the inclusion of “third gender” people in its non-discrimination clause. Kamnoon Sittisamarn, a spokesperson for the Constitution Drafting Committee, a panel the Thai military created after scrapping the country’s previous constitution following last May’s coup, told Reuters on January

India: Delhi University will recognize transgender students from 2015

Delhi University says it will recognize transgender students for the first time next year.Transgender students at Delhi have traditionally been forced to register as either male or female, but will able to opt for a third gender option. A university official said the policy would be extended to undergraduate courses in the next academic year. The