Trans Man Wins Court Battle to Have the Right Gender on School Records

‘The authorities… should readily extend their helping hand rather than denying the same looking down upon them.’ A man who transitioned after graduating from university should be allowed to update his school records to reflect his true gender. The Madras High Court in Tamil Nadu, India ruled on a petition filed by a transgender software engineer

Kerala Might Be the First Indian State to Repeal Anti-gay Laws

The south-western Indian state, Kerala, might become the first to repeal section 377 of the country’s penal code. Even if the Bill doesn’t pass, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for LGBTI people. Section 377 is a hangover from British Colonial rule and prohibits ‘carnal intercourse against the order of nature’. According

India’s First Transgender School Opens Its Doors

Welcomes trans students who have dropped out of school. India’s transgender school in Kochi, Kerala is the first of its kind. Saraj International opened its doors on Friday and aims to help transgender adults aged 25 to 50 who have dropped out of school to finish their education. There are currently six students enrolled in the

Gay rights activists march in New Delhi amid continuing LGBT discrimination

Gay rights activists have marched in an annual parade in India’s capital, New Delhi. The event drew attention to the still prevalent discrimination against homosexuals in the country. Hundreds of people marched in the Indian capital, New Delhi, on Sunday in an annual gay rights parade in a country that still has a law criminalizing

Indian Government approves law to protect and empower transgender people

The Transgender Person (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 was approved by the Union Cabinet, and which aims to protect the social, economic and educational right of trans people. The bill was passed under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It should benefit a large number of trans people in India, and was passed partly

India appoints first trans police officer

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu has appointed the nation’s first transgender woman to the police force. Prithika Yashini is among 21 sub-inspectors to receive orders from Salem police commissioner, Sumit Charan, to join the region’s local service. Having always dreamed of being a police officer, Ms Yashini told reporters her plan was to work hard and

India’s Supreme Court to review sodomy ruling

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday said it would review its controversial ruling that recriminalized consensual same-sex sexual acts. The Guardian reported the Supreme Court asked a five-judge panel to reconsider its 2013 decision that reinstated India’s colonial-era Sodomy law known as Section 377. “This is an undeniably thrilling action by India’s highest court,” James Robertson,

India politician launches petition to end anti-gay law

An Indian politician has launched a petition to end his country’s anti-gay law. Shashi Tharoor, an MP for the opposition Indian National Congress party, introduced a private members bill to repeal the statute that criminalizes gay sex earlier this month. But the lower house of India’s parliament voted 71-24 against it. ‘The Indian government is reluctant

Indian minister says country’s gay sex ban needs to be ‘reconsidered’

Arun Jaitley says India cannot simply ‘nudge off’ its LGBT community. India’s finance minister has spoken out against the harsh laws criminalising gay sex in the country. Arun Jaitley says that the country must reconsider the “conservative” ruling made by the Supreme Court in 2013, as it ignores the needs of “millions of people” across

Indian court protects trans man ‘forced into arranged marriage’ with another man

The court has provided protection for a man tricked into visiting the country by his parents. Shivy, 18, is technically an Indian citizen – but has been living in the USA for fifteen years. The court move comes after he alleged that his parents tried to forcibly marry him off to a man after tricking him