California Becomes First State to Recognize Nonbinary Gender on Legal Documents

Governor Jerry Brown also signed three more bills aiding LGBTI Californians. On October 15, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 179, or the Gender Recognition Act. This bill adds nonbinary as a gender option on all state-issued IDs. The state legislature passed the bill last month. California isn’t the first state to offer a

Trans People in Nepal Can Now Update Their Gender on Citizenship Papers

Nepal’s Supreme Court ruled it violated human rights for people not to have their true gender on their personal documents. The Nepal Supreme Court has just made it possible for people to update all of their personal documents to reflect their true name and gender. Personal documents include citizenship papers, birth certificates and educational documents.

Trans Man Wins Court Battle to Have the Right Gender on School Records

‘The authorities… should readily extend their helping hand rather than denying the same looking down upon them.’ A man who transitioned after graduating from university should be allowed to update his school records to reflect his true gender. The Madras High Court in Tamil Nadu, India ruled on a petition filed by a transgender software engineer