Norway Could Introduce a Third Gender Option on Passports

The Norwegian Labour Party has proposed that it could introduce a third gender option on passports.

The party proposed that the third option, ‘hen’ could be introduced for those who do not identify as male or female.

The AP wrote in its draft policies for 2017-2021, that it would consider introducing the third gender option.

According to the leader of the youth branch of the party, Mani Hussaini: ”Those people who neither define themselves as male or female will now have a legal opportunity to get a third gender.”

He went on to say that those who do not identify with the gender binary should have the option to live openly.

A previous proposal by the Liberal Party of Norway was only supported by the Green Party and the Socialist Left.

‘Hen’ is used in Sweden when the gender of a person is not known.

The word was first used in 1966 and eventually became known as a gender-neutral pronoun.

Canada last year joined the ranks of a handful of countries which allow foreign visitors to identify themselves as gender-neutral.

Others including New Zealand, Nepal and a few other countries allow third options.