Norway Could Introduce a Third Gender Option on Passports

The Norwegian Labour Party has proposed that it could introduce a third gender option on passports. The party proposed that the third option, ‘hen’ could be introduced for those who do not identify as male or female. The AP wrote in its draft policies for 2017-2021, that it would consider introducing the third gender option.

Church of Norway Approves Same-Sex-Inclusive Liturgy

The Church of Norway has approved a new liturgy inclusive of same-sex weddings taking place in churches there. The measure was approved by 89 of the members of the general synod at the Evangelical-Lutheran church in Trondheim on Monday. Delegate Gard Sandaker-Nilsen said of the vote: “This is the day when a prayer and a

6 June was a turning point in the advocacy work of Norway’s trans activists – it marks the final parliamentary vote on long-awaited updates to the legal gender recognition process.  Now, trans people in Norway aged 16 and older will have their gender legally recognised without having to be sterilised first. These reforms, based on

Church of Norway says yes to gay weddings in its churches

The Church of Norway has approved a measure to allow same-sex couples to marry in its churches.     The church’s General Synod voted on the issue last week. ow all churches in Norway will be able to offer marriage to same-sex couples, and can immediately begin preparations to do so. As with many religious

Norwegian government proposes extending trans protections to children

The government in Norway has proposed extending the right of its citizens to change their legal gender to children. Under the proposal, children aged seven and up would be allowed to choose which gender to be legally recognised by, as long as they had parental support. Those aged 16 and above would be allowed to

Lithuanian representatives at the EuroPride 2014 in Oslo

On June 28, 2014, the EuroPride March took place in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The event gathered international LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons) as well as many of their supporters. The official number of participants still has to be confirmed, but it is likely to have exceeded last year’s participation to the

Norwegian Health Minister promises change to gender recognition law

Norway’s health minister has pledged to push through laws to allow transgender people to change their gender in the country’s population register without being castrated or otherwise sterilized. “I am clear that the present system is not acceptable,” Bent Høie told the country’s national broadcaster NRK. “The system we have in Norway today in this

PACE member passes on his award to Lithuanian and Russian LGBT organizations

Every year the biggest Internet community for LGBT people in Norway,, honors the most valuable personality for the LGBT people in Norway or abroad. This year Håkon Haugli – Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE), deputy representative at the Parliament of Norway and a jurist – got this award. The

Norwegian LGBT network visits LGL

On January 24th it was a great pleasure to welcome the representatives of the LGBT network of the Norwegian Social Democrats at the LGL office in Vilnius. As a role model for LGBT rights in many European countries, Norway was following the current events in Lithuania, and therefore incited to pay a visit. “We are