#LAISVA_LT – is first of all a social media campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about Lithuanian family diversity. The presented colorful family mosaic sends a clear message to politicians – do not intervene in our private life and instruct us how we should define our families. Since the proposed Constitutional amendment is on the Parliament’s agenda, we realize that extra measures must be taken in order to gather everyone’s attention about the negative consequences that will follow if politicians’ whims are fulfilled. We sincerely hope that those families that agreed to be featured in #LAISVA_LT video clips and shared their photographic memories will participate in our public events. It is after all, about us – families that exist in a present day Lithuania.


#LAISVA_LT: Overview of Human Rights in Lithuania

The Embassy of Finland in Vilnius (K. Kalinausko Str. 24, Vilnius)

December 9th, 2016, 2:00-4:30 PM


On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights, Human Rights Monitoring Institute and National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL cordially invite you to the seminar-discussion “#LAISVA_LT: Overview of Human Rights in Lithuania“. As pointed out by non-governmental organizations that monitor and document human rights situation in Lithuania, these rights are still not being considered to be a relevant part of the political agenda. In the battle against the country‘s worsening demographic situation, politicians often forget that respect for each person‘s fundamental human rights, freedoms and dignity is a prerequisite for ensuring that anyone can feel welcome in Lithuania.

During the event, representatives from non-governmental organizations will discuss human rights issues particularly relevant under the present day social and political conditions in Lithuania, namely: (1) the United Nations‘ (UN) human rights recommendations to Lithuania in its Universal Periodic Review; (2) the increase in cases of restriction of freedom of expression in Lithuania; (3) the negative impact that the amendment to Article 38 of the Constitution, on the definition of family, could have on Lithuanian families.

The languages of the event will be Lithuanian and English (simultaneous translation).

You can find the official programme of the event in English here.

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