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On December 9th, 2016 on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights, Human Rights Monitoring Institute and National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL invited to the seminar-discussion “#LAISVA_LT: Overview of Human Rights in Lithuania“, held at the Embassy of Finland in Vilnius. As pointed out by non-governmental organizations that monitor

Lithuanian Government Expressed Their Concerns about Family Support Law

Lithuanian Government approves the legislative initiative that supports family but recommends modifications as this law could be discriminatory towards single parents or families who are not united by marriage. The recommendation prepared by The Ministry of Social Security and Labor was approved during Government’s session on October 5th. The Government underlines that there is no

LGL Launched #LAISVA_LT Campaign

In response to Lithuanian politicians’ efforts to restrict the legal definition of what a family is, three NGOs organized a social campaign under the slogan “All Families Are Equally Important.” Sign the petition today to show your support! Julita, a single mother; granny Tamara, who raised her granddaughter by herself; Julija and Gintarė, two classy

Parliament Elections 2016: Do Candidates Care About Family Diversity?

Before elections most of political parties leaders hurry to support idea of Partnership legislation not only for different sex couples, but for same sex couples too. But in today’s article “Elections 2016: Most of the Leaders – For Homosexual Partnerships” situation looks much worse. Some leaders of political parties not even trying to deny

Jūratė Juškaitė. Shepherds of the Little Ones

Although I was avoiding it, taking a dog for a walk at night became unavoidable routine and gradually – a pleasant refreshment after a work day. Then I started to notice something moving in a playground. Teenagers came there to sit on swings or smoke illegal cigarettes. Ten years old and smaller children spent time

Campaign #LAISVA_LT Presented on Lithuanian Television

Mėta Adutavičiūtė, Advocacy officer of Human Rights Monitoring Institute and one of campaign #LAISVA_LT initiators and implementers, yesterday presented the campaign of Lithuanian TV channel InfoTV program “Infodiena”. Recording of the show in Lithuanian:

T. V. Raskevičius. Same Sex Families – Reality or Propaganda?

National LGBT rights organization’s LGL human rights policy coordinator, Tomas Vytautas Raskevičius: “In order to avoid any misinterpretations of the presented arguments I want to underline two facts. First of all, according to Article 38 of The Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania “Marriage shall be concluded upon the free mutual consent of man and