14 men arrested in Cairo for ‘homosexual acts’

Group of men aged between 18 and 57 were detained following allegations of committing sexual acts in a medical center According to Egyptian media, the suspects have been detained pending investigations into allegations that they committed ‘homosexual acts’ at a medical centre in the al-Marg district of Cairo. An Egyptian prosecutor ordered on Saturday (12

Christian group: ‘Better to die than live in pro-gay world’

The Family Leader has admitted the Western world is getting more and more LGBT friendly A Christian political organization has said it is better to die than live in a world welcoming of gay people. The Family Leader, a US social conservative group, made the claim after noting nine recent wins for the LGBT community. ‘All

Lithuanian MP avoids prosecution

Lithuania’s parliament has defended one of its own. Lithuania’s self-appointed family values defender and leading homophobe Petras Gražulis will not have to face legal charges for attempting to disrupt the Baltic Pride rally in July, 2013.  A resolution introduced in the Seimas to strip Gražulis of his parliamentary immunity failed to receive the necessary 71 votes.

The director of public health at the country’s health ministry Yousuf Mindkar, said that the clinical screening of expatriates entering the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) would be extended to include tests to identify gay people who will then be “barred” from entering the country. It is illegal to be gay in all of the GCC member

The Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination unanimously appointed Mr Biedron as General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people at its meeting in Madrid on 17 September 2013. Mr Biedron replaces Mr Håkon Haugli who was the first holder of this mandate. The General rapporteur on LGBT rights has the responsibility to intervene in the

Group of members in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) have criticized several legislative initiatives as homophobic and allegedly infringing upon fundamental freedoms of LGBT* people as well as promoting discrimination. The Lithuanian Parliament is to consider four homophobic or transphobic legislative initiatives in its autumn session: a total ban on gender

Lithuanian basketball federation “will react” to intolerance

Since 2012,  fans and Lithuanian basketball team members and officials have repeatedly been caught on film participating in questionable expressions of “harmless joking” at the expense of minority groups. Recently, a video was released on Youtube showing Lithuanian parliamentarian Petras Gražulis leading a group of basketball fans in a pre-game warm-up of the  ”Whoever’s Not

Serbia: Hundreds of LGBT activists gather to defy gay pride ban in Belgrade

Gay rights activists in Serbia held their first Pride march in three years on Saturday, despite officials banning the ceremony over threats of violence from right-wing extremists. Hundreds of activists gathered on the streets of Belgrade last night, following through with plans to defy the Government’s banning of the pride march that was expected to take

Russian right: Elton John’s concert “insulting” to all Russian citizens

Several Russian homophobic groups have called on the authorities to ban an upcoming Elton John concert, saying that allowing the pop icon to perform would make a “mockery” of the country’s anti-gay laws. Yuri Ageshchev, the leader of religious fundamentalist group, the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods, told Novy Region news agency: “The statement by this

Ethics Office rules on censorship of Baltic Pride TV ads

The Lithuanian Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics, an agency established under the supervision of the country’s parliament, has ruled that the state-run Lithuanian Radio and Television did not violate any laws when it decided to limit public broadcasting of two television ads promoting the Baltic Pride march in July, 2013. The brief clips were filmed

Lithuanian parliamentarian Gražulis leads chant against “faggots”

As Slovenia was hosting the final game in this year’s Eurobasket championship, pitting Lithuania against France, Lithuanian parliamentarian (and future Lithuanian delegate to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe) was seen leading fans in an anti-gay chant that was rebroadcast by the one of the top Lithuanian basketball internet portals, Basketnews.lt. In the

Professor forced out of job at Christian college after coming out as trans

A professor at a Christian college in California has been forced out of his position after coming out as transgender. H. Adam Ackley had taught theology at Azusa Pacific University for 15 years. However, since coming out as male in the last year, he had been asked to leave by the university – despite being